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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Bookmark Contest (and Workday on Thursday 2/1!)

Feeling creative? 
Get a pass to come to your library during lunch on Thursday to make an original bookmark for this year's MSLA bookmark contest!

Can't make it? Read on, click on the link to get an entry form, and give to Ms. Ravid by Monday, February 12th!

Celebrate your School Library program by designing a bookmark that show the many activities, lessons and experiences happening in your school library.
  • What new and exciting things have you been learning?
  • Show WHY your Library is the heart of the school.
  • What makes your Library program special?

  • Do not change the size of the entry form
  • The bookmark outline must be 9.84” in height and 3” wide.
  • ALL ARTWORK MUST BE ORIGINAL. This applies to BOTH hand-drawn and digital works. NO licensed characters may be used.
  • Submit ALL entries through your School Librarian
  • School Librarian will select 1 (one) finalist from each division to send to the state contest.​(DIVISION III: Grades 4 to 6DIVISION IV: Grades 7 to 12)