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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Make your own calendar!

It's almost December!

If you've ever said that you would like to make a CALENDAR, get a start on this New Year's

(bring your own materials! :-))
be inspired by Nick Robinson!
be inspired by Enzo Mari Formosa!
Join us in (y)our library during LUNCH on THURSDAYS in DECEMBER to make your own calendar... or a gift for someone special.

one page, or a traditional wall calendar
We'll have templates, paper, collage materials, markers, colored pencils, stencils, glue, patterned scissors, and other fun things.

Bring your ideas, list of important dates, special paper, printed
photos, scrapbooking supplies.

Sign up in (y)our library.

Templates to use -- save copy before working! GDoc | GSheet

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