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Monday, October 6, 2014

Information Investigator Bookmark

Today we will start working with our bookmarks!
Please open this link in a new tab so you can follow the directions below.

  1. Make a COPY -- if you are working with partner(s), only one person in the group should do this.
  2. RENAME: "InfoInv Bookmark [your name(s)]"
  3. SHARE: Add your partner(s) AND (you can copy/paste that!) -- make sure you pick CAN EDIT

Thursday, October 2, 2014

TLAB: EL Wire @WPL ~ Wednesday, October 29

Our next meeting is at the WPL. We'll be working with an expert to create with EL Wire.
EL Wire lights up when you run electricity through it. Lots of fun ways to use it at night! (Like maybe that Friday night while walking through your neighborhood in costume?)
For more information about EL Wire and our presenter, see this blog entry.

WHAT:  Create with EL Wire
WHEN:  Wednesday, October 29th 1:30-3pm
HOW:  Bus to WPL by arrangement in your RSVP
WHY:  EL Wire is supercool and superfun!!!

RSVP here and permission slip here