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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back, Everyone!

The Book Buzzes have been handed in, the planners are full of assignments, the books are flying on and off the shelves... despite the weather, it feels like we've been back for months, not days!

Without any further ado, here are some of the exciting things on the horizon for this year:

EasyBib subscription:
Okay, it might not sound exciting, but we have a new tool to use to make giving credit to your sources easier. Being more efficient and effective so you are more organized and have more time for other things? Now, that's exciting!

Library Volunteers:
That's YOU! (I hope you think that you are exciting! :-))
Sign up in the library to come in 1/wk to volunteer during study!

More audiobooks!
Need I say more?

Digital Magazines:
For starters, we have electronic (pdf) copies of Calliope, Cobblestone, Dig, Faces, Iguana and Muse. If you need to password, please come to the library.

Teen Library Advisory Club!
Thanks to last year's Teen Library Advisory Group for your input! The next step is helping the WPL make the new Teen Room happen! We'll also do some of our old standby activities, like Teen Read Week, Gaming in Your Library Day and an end-o-year celebration. The rest is really up to you, so come to our next meeting:  Friday, October 18th.

...and, finally... Yearbook Photography!
Help take pictures for the yearbook and get your work in print! Bonus:  Starting last year, members of the Yearbook Club got to layout pages themselves. Bring your sense of style to meetings with Ms. Galvani!