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Following are websites for magazines and newspapers subscribed to by the library.
If you can't get the full article off of their website, remember to try one of the databases using the link above.

Calliope -- list of upcoming issue topics | Teachers' Guide | >2 mo ago from Infotrac
Cobblestone -- list of upcoming issue topics | Teachers' Guide | >2mo ago from Infotrac
Dig --  Teachers' Guide | >2mo ago from Infotrac
Faces -- Teachers' Guide | >2mo ago from Infotrac
Games Magazine
Journal of Emerging Investigators (open access, digital only)
Iguana -- Teachers' Guide
MAKE Magazine
Muse -- Teachers' Guide
National Geographic
National Geographic Kids
Orange&Black (digital only)
Scholastic Art
Shonen Jump (digital only)
Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Time Magazine
Wayland Town Crier (see Current Events for other news sources)

Especially for teachers:
Educational Leadership
Middle Ground
Middle School Journal