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When you use the work of a photographer or illustrator or artist, you always need to give credit to the creator. When you take an image from the web, you can use a citation tool to make a citation. If you are just using a few pictures to help people understand your project in your classroom, Fair Use allows you to do that without asking permission from the person who created the image. If you are publishing your work, though, you need to make sure that the person who created the image is okay with that. Posting something to the web by sharing it to the whole world in a google product, youtube, etc. counts as publishing your work!

Following are some sources for images that you can reuse in published projects. Don't forget to give credit, and be careful to follow any guidelines on the site. You can also search for Creative Commons images using google image search. Please ask Mrs. Monahan or Ms. Ravid if you have any questions!