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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Body Systems Project

Dear Carson Cluster,

Congratulations on your assignment to share information about common ailments at WMS!

Here's some help with strategies and resources for your GAME PLAN:

remember, you may need to stop to learn more about your topic along the way
remember, you can always tweak your keyword list
  • Symptom itself
  • Impacted body system(s)
  • Impacted organ(s)
  • Name of syndrome/disease/disorder (once you figure it out!)

You may use books, encyclopedia, databases, and preselected websites.

The encyclopedia may have trustworthy images in addition to good background information.

Library Catalog --  (click on Middle School, and reload if needed)
For books, use your keywords in the library catalog. Make sure to put them back on the shelf when you are done so someone else can use them! See a SR for ebook/audiobook passwords.
For websites, start off with Webpath Express.

KidInfoBits and InfoTrac Junior -- especially for newspaper and magazines (think Current Events!)

Frequently used websites:
  • NIH -- National Institute of Health -- Health Information
  • WHO -- World Health Organization -- Health Topics
  • CDC -- Center for Disease Control -- Diseases and Conditions
  • Mayo Clinic -- Diseases and Conditions
  • -- Use the kids or teen section

Need more complex information? Try: