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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Francophone Countries

So, you are researching Francophone countries, or maybe regions in France.

Here are some resources that can get you started. Don't forget to use all of the GRAPES keywords that you learned in 6th grade!
  • The library catalog:  Look up your country/region. Most books will be in the geography section (910's) or history-by-country section (940-972), but you will also find good information in cookbooks, science, architecture, arts, etc. Some books may be about multiple countries in a region and you will need to use the index or ToC to find yours. There are also some ebooks! Ask if you need the password to access those from your CB.
^--history-by-country, by continent--^
<--cookbooks | ^--geography 

  • Webpath Express:  While you are in the library catalog, click on Webpath Express for a list of websites on your topic that are geared toward students k-12. Remember to try different keywords!
  • Encyclopedia Britannica:  In addition to current information, the online editing of the encyclopedia also has trustworthy images and provides the citation, or bibliography, information.
When you are looking at a resource, remember to use strategic searching! If the website is about architecture in all of France, use ctrl-F (PC) or comnd-F (mac) to find the part of the page with your information.

Cite your sources! Give credit for information, including images!