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Giving credit where credit is due!

Back in the day, we used to call them bibliographies. Click on the link to see why people today are calling them source lists!

There are a number of different formats for source lists (MLA, APA, Chicago/Tourabian, etc.), but they all do the same thing -- give credit to your source and help others interested in more information on the topic find these excellent resources that you have already located.

Think of it like the National League and American League -- they all have the same goal, just different rules...

  • NEW!!! WMS and WHS have a subscription to EasyBib -- Ask for help to get started!
  • NoodleBib Express takes you through the process of making sure that you have picked the right template to enter your citation information.     
  • This great site at LIU has sample source lists -- color coded so you don't get confused which part is which! (Remember, when it says "library" -- it's their library, not y(ours)!)
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