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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spanish-Speaking Countries!

Researching Spanish-Speaking countries?

First thing:  Remember your Information Investigator Skills and GRAPES!
Make a Game Plan!
What question(s) do you need to answer?
What keywords might help you find the right information?
What sources will help you find the information in the most efficient and effective way?

Next:  here are some resources that can get you started:

Encyclopedia Britannica:  Remember "clean glass" of water? This is a good place get enough of a background on your country and to add important words to your keyword list. You'll probably also find some great notes, and don't forget to look at the pictures!

The library catalog:
Use your keywords! Use one in the index, and another on the page! Search for one, then cmnd-F another one in the document!

  • Books will most likely be in the geography section (910's) or history-by-country section (946, 970-972, 980-989), but you will also find good information in science, cookbooks, architecture, arts, ancient history, etc. Some books may be about multiple countries in a region and you will need to use the index or Table of Contents to find yours.
  • Webpath Express is a good place to find websites on your topic that are geared toward students k-12. Remember to try different keywords and to use cmnd-F! It's more efficient than searching the internet, but you do still need to make sure that you can understand the information and that it answers your specific information.

Specific websites:

Links from Sra. DeLima's | Profe. Netcoh's | Profe. Chang's Project Page
CIA World Factbook

When you are looking at a resource, remember to use strategic searching! If a website is about art in all of South America, use ctrl-F (PC) or comnd-F (mac) to find the part of the page with your information.